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The following list of recommanded  organizations must not be exclusive for you!

It is accomplished by the targets of any artist individually.

In addition, please make your own suggestions!...



Even the darkest fountain
reflects the light of the stars.
quotation from Bulgaria  (Eastern Europe)

You can request the donation addresses and accounts in the InterNet directly.
With the visit of their web sites you are invited to find much further information.
Please pay them a visit!

For the attendance of the organizations please simply snap on the Logos ...





Raincoast Conservation Foundation


Save the Rhino Trust Namibia


ACF African Conservation Foundation


Global Nature Fund




- international movement against all forms of discrimination and racism







native planet


rainforest action network


united nations children's  fund



society for threatened peoples



European Nature Heritage Fund (EURONATUR)

Human Rights Watch




the world conservation union


Jane Goodall Institute




Polar Bear International


Amnesty International



Born Free Foundation

Transparency International





The David Sheldrick Trust



Cap Anamur



New: The Green Belt Movement
founded by
Wangari Maathai
Nobel Price for Peace 2004




Doctors Without Borders



Casa Alianza




Friends of Peoples close to Nature



PRO Wildlife



This was our list of proposed organizations. We will try to complete it as soon as possible with other organizations from England, the US or any other English speaking countries.
In completition you're invited to suggest other ones. Required is only that they work in the same field..., which includes the goal to stop, and eventually reverse, the worsening degradation of the planet's natural environment, and build a future in which humans live in harmony with nature...the organizations should be working to achieve this goal through preserving genetic, species, and ecosystem diversity.

Please note:

We cannot accept any responsibility for the internet sites introduced by the links above or at any other place of our site!