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Andreas Adrian
nude studies
wild europe



Andreas Adrian                                                 
Elchesheim-Illingen / Germany


I'm very happy about your interest in my works.
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Painting is the grandchild of nature. It is related to God. 
- Rembrandt  -

With my own work I would like to request you to support one of the presented organizations for nature conservancy, for this is my very main focus within PAINA.

Decide for one of the organizations - here called "NGOs" - or propose another one and just contact me : the selected work can be delivered to you.

(Of course you're invited to fetch it personally too, which would be much better)

You will pay the costs of shipping.

Your donation is supposed to be paid directly to the organization selected by you.

I do not even receive anything, so that my work and your money can serve the desired purpose to 100%.

You may find my latest works...

...finished Dezember 2020

Janis Lyn Joplin

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...finished November 2020

Jimi Hendrix

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...finished November 2020

dreaming in the water

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...finished November 2020

a tribute to a purple prince

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...finished Oktober 2020

laughin' woman

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...finished Oktober 2020

hunting lioness

see dogs...



...finished Oktober 2019

hunting lioness

see cats...


...finished September 2019

cows in the alps

see landscapes...



...finished August 2019


see cats...



...finished May 2019

Louis Armstrong

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...finished April 2019

Marilyn once again

see celebrities...


...finished April 2019

Jimi Hendrix

see celebrities...


...finished February 2019


see dogs...


...finished December 2018

zebra abnu dabi

see horses...

...finished December 2018

don vito corleone

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...finished December 2018

beach scene

see abstract


...finished November 2018


see cnude studies


...finished Oktober 2018


see celbrities


...finished September 2018

marilyn forever

see celbrities


...finished April 2018

colored elk

see wild europe


...finished February 2018

lioness on the nunt

see cats


...finished February 2018


see people


...finished January 2018


see horses


With the idea of PAINA I want to promote a positive development on earth with my works. I am  supporting different organizations and initiatives with a main focus on the protection of species in their tendency to keep this planet for all of us worth living.

Preserving the innocense of nature is one of the most important tasks, while so many children, people, indigenous tribes, wonderful forests and rare species are threat by criminals as well as just by ignorance or selfish greeds.


The GNF (Global Nature Fund) was writing in it's magazine in regard of PAINA...


The animals and plants which call home our blue planet are rapidly facing a lot of threats. Be it war, poverty, diseases, epidemics, handicaps or pursuit, torture and extermination.


Some people/ organisations bemoan urban sprawl, some are looking for more
protection of open spaces, still others cry out for enhanced management of native species in the US or Europe. These are all symptoms of the same ailment: the challenge to maintain the delicate balance between growth and biological diversity.

Species declines and extinctions have always been a natural part of evolution, but the current rate - an estimated 1,000 species a year - is unprecedented. With a rough guess of four million to 40 million species still to be catalogued,
many are being lost before they have been identified, before we know what their disappearance might mean for the planet's life-support system.


People interested in arts and nature will inform PAINA about the chosen pieces of art. They are sending a copy of their payment to me and I will send you my work. Additionally you are only requested to pay the costs of shipment.

Any comments in our guestbook are very welcome.


Andreas Adrian

Hauptsrasse 16

76477 Elchesheim-Illingen



Tel. 0049 / 7245 / 7168

mobil 0049 / 171/2315159


PAINA in the press..


Why am I so much involved in nature conservancy?


My love for nature has followed me since I can remember myself with its magical force, powerful predators, the last partly untouched jungles and captivating stories and fairy tales such as Mowgly, Tarzan and Robison Cruseo. Photos and films of wars and battles between the white man and the American Indians fascinated me as a child but were also painful to me seeing the victory of modernization over nature.


This remains the very basis of my artwork today. While I'm still staying faithful to the beauty and asthetics of art and alos inspired by paintings realized all over the centuries my works are a reflection of my desapit over man's conquest over nature. So, I'm painting scenes depicting my aspirations for humankind and nature - going back to the beginning of time.